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ERC777 — Is the new token standard replacing the ERC20?

The Ethereum ERC777 standard is ready to replace the ERC20 standard. What is the ERC777 and what are its advantages and disadvantages compared to the ERC20?

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

6 minute read

ERC777 — Is the new token standard replacing the ERC20? Main Picture

The ERC20 token standard is probably the most common and best known Ethereum technology standard. But now the ERC20 standard gets competition. The new ERC777 should solve the biggest problems of the ERC20. What is behind it?

What is EOS?

By The Cryptocurrency Consultant on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

7 minute read

What is EOS? Main Picture

EOS refers to software that enables users to develop their own decentralized apps (dApps). This is very similar to the Ethereum platform (What is Ethereum?). The EOS.IO software, however, offers a solution to the horizontal and vertical scaling problem compared to Ethereum. The EOS blockchain can handle millions of transactions per second with virtually no transaction fees and develop its own dApps. The software was developed by

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