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Bitpanda goes global

Announcing the Bitpanda Global Exchange

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

4 minute read

Bitpanda goes global Main Picture

The Viennese Fintech Bitpanda launches the Bitpanda Global Exchange, a global cryptocurrency exchange for experienced traders, professionals, and institutions. Through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the Bitpanda platform additionally receives its own ecosystem token. BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token) will offer almost 1 million Bitpanda users a number of advantages and incentives.

Bitcoin Whale Alarm

What are Bitcoin Whales?

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

6 minute read

Bitcoin Whale Alarm Main Picture

The term “whale” is often used in the crypto scene to describe Bitcoin wallets or addresses that hold a considerable amount of the total of 21 million coins. The ocean serves as a suitable metaphor for the entire market as it is home to large and small fish. In addition, waves can be understood as market movements and news/announcements as fish food.

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