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ERC777 — Is the new token standard replacing the ERC20?

The Ethereum ERC777 standard is ready to replace the ERC20 standard. What is the ERC777 and what are its advantages and disadvantages compared to the ERC20?

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

6 minute read

ERC777 — Is the new token standard replacing the ERC20? Main Picture

The ERC20 token standard is probably the most common and best known Ethereum technology standard. But now the ERC20 standard gets competition. The new ERC777 should solve the biggest problems of the ERC20. What is behind it?

What is a hash function?

Hash functions like SHA-256 made cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possible. Learn with me what a hash function is and what it ensures.

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

10 minute read

What is a hash function? Main Picture

Hash functions are another pillar of the blockchain and an integral part of modern cryptography. Since the exact mode of action of a hash function is very complex, we will stick to an overview in this article, so that at the end of the article we can also explain to other people what hash functions are, what they are important for and why we absolutely need them in Bitcoin, for example.

What is a Dusting attack?

The Bitcoin attack that steals your anonymity

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

8 minute read

What is a Dusting attack? Main Picture

Today I would like to inform you about a Bitcoin attack, with which attackers can steal your anonymity. What initially seems like a small, unexpected shower of money is, in reality, a nasty scam to undermine your anonymity and use your identity against you. We’re talking about a dusting attack.

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