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Bitcoin Whale Alarm

What are Bitcoin Whales?

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

6 minute read

Bitcoin Whale Alarm Main Picture

The term “whale” is often used in the crypto scene to describe Bitcoin wallets or addresses that hold a considerable amount of the total of 21 million coins. The ocean serves as a suitable metaphor for the entire market as it is home to large and small fish. In addition, waves can be understood as market movements and news/announcements as fish food.

What Are Bitcoin Hardware Wallets?

How do you keep your cryptocurrencies as safe as possible?

The Cryptocurrency Consultant

5 minute read

What Are Bitcoin Hardware Wallets? Main Picture

Just recently I wrote about hardware wallets in a comparison of Trezor and Ledger. After several questions from interested readers, now comes a summary about hardware wallets in general. If you are interested in the article about Trezorand Ledger you can read it here. If you don’t have your own cryptocurrencies yet, I’ve written an article on how to buy them.

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